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Card Engineering Optimization
Our optimal load flow algorithm improves key performance indicators between synchronous machines, power electronic devices, and delivery substations.
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Our dynamic solution evaluates the electrical behavior of the grid, considering natural equipment aging, maintenance activities, and operating conditions.

Our system computes new optimal set-points successively by using the response of any electrical branch element to any electromechanical variation in its parameters.

1. The challenge

The reduction of the overall combined losses

Power generators, synchronous condensers, converters, and other flexible AC transmission systems play a crucial role in the power system infrastructure. These elements can operate in a way that optimizes electrical efficiency and complies with grid requirements.

Reducing overall combined losses from controlled power system elements up to the optimization point has been a challenge for O&M teams and operation directors, who strive to achieve the most economical operation. The most significant losses are related to energy transmission.

2. The solution

Real-time combination of active and reactive power



  • Intelligent analytical system to increase overall asset performance.
  • Increase on revenues through electrical losses reduction after installation.
  • Remote, quick, and easy installation with no downtime.
  • No need for synchro-phasors.
  • Dynamic parametrization of the grid.

We can calculate the optimization potential of your installations before installation. Request a pilot project, and we‘ll schedule a meeting to determine the actual benefits our solution can provide you.

Enline Power Optimization is highly flexible in installation and operation, easily adapting to existing facilities and integrating with most automation networks.

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Power optimization
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Electricidade de Moçambique
Electricidade de Moçambique