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Digital Twins of distribution/transmission lines simulate operational conditions during the design phase, prior to asset installation
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Optimizing operational behavior reduces long-term costs for losses, hot spots, electromagnetic fields, and noise, leading to significant savings

1. The challenge

Considerable CAPEX savings by equipment optimization

Most engineering equations consider static conditions or constant measurements to describe a real-life phenomenon. However, this is a simplified calculation method. It is necessary to apply a security factor to assure design reliability.

Enline engineering approach considers real-time information from electrical and weather conditions. Through the utilization of Digital Twin technology combined with historical tracked data and computing modeling, Enline brings a precise simulation resulting close to reality.

2. The solution

High precision and dynamic analysis of all variables



  • Optimize the electrical performance, reduce losses and gain financial savings.
  • Optimize cable position for a better athmospheric discharge response.
  • Risk Management, identification and avoidance of possible future failure points.
  • No need for synchro-phasors.
  • Consultancy and due diligence for TSOs, DSOs, Insurance Companies, and EPC projects.

The Enline Optimization Engineering is an innovative consultant tool (Enline Design Tool) that uses Digital Twin technology to optimize a project design dynamically. It calculates the combination of the main variables: electrical, mechanical, thermal, magnetic, atmospheric, and topographic.

It correlates with other variables along the trailing of the transmission asset, such as accesses and roads, protected areas, and expected microclimate, such as urban, agricultural or forest areas.

3. The results

Results in different assets and environments.

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South America

65 Km • 500 KV - Transmission line

Design phase


Cable evaluation phase

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Success story

optimization use cases

ISA Electromechanical Optimization
ISA Electromechanical Optimization