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Card Engineering Optimization
Based on weather conditions maximizing a secure power transmission capability.
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An innovative sensorless designed software with already installed sensors. Cloud servers with both end substations are connected to the internet using the Enline Industrial Internet of Things Gateway.

A dedicated server is installed at one of the end substations if they communicate via hardwire facilities like optical ground wire.

The DLR solution

Reduction of congestion and redispatching cost



  • Digital Twin technique.
  • Remote installation.
  • No downtime is needed.
  • Implementation within days.
  • No maintenance, automatic feature updates.

Enline DLR utilizes a Digital Twin to simulate a power line along a period of time, cable by cable, tower by tower. Electric and parameters are calculated in multiple sectors per span, making our model highly precise.

The computation is done through a cloud or dedicated servers installed at the substations or in an operating control center. The output E-DLR is real-time and forecasts the maximum allowed power of a transmission line with the customized parametrization previously set by the operator.

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Success story

Dynamic line rating
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Red Eléctrica de España
Red Eléctrica de España