Enline optimizes a Transmission line at
Corumbá Concessoes
The study was crucial to proof the provision of considerable savings to the customer on a Transmission line, 40km, 138kV by the implementation of Enline Power Optimization (EPO) The transmission line was fed by a 120MW Hydro power plant and the remote substation was near Brasilia. Corumbá Concessoes is operating both the Hydro power plant and the transmission line.
To approach power flow optimization under dynamic conditions Enline has developed Digital Twin Technology based on innovative numerical techniques.

Enline Power Optimization algorithm acquires the electrical data at both end substations, combines it with modeling of the transmission line and includes meteoro logical data to determine in real time the optimal power combination of active and reactive power.
Variations on the active/reactive power combination calculated by the Enlne algorithn will impact significantly on the asset performance, reducing losses and improving the efficiency, considering also the time actual energy price to anticipate the best economical situation in a window of time.
Enline Technology is tracking the load flow online, whereas the algorithm calculates an optimization of the system realizing following benefits:

  • With the national grid operator request output, EPO perform fine adjustments on active and reactive power to achieve global reduction of electrical losses.

  • Reduction of transmission losses to meet customers operational financial goals and improve revenue stream.

  • Saving by avoid transmission losses about 100k USD/year, meaning an increased efficiency simply by Enline software implementation.

  • No installation of sensors or any additional hardware on the transmission line.
UP TO 25%
Dynamic reduction of transmission losses
UP TO 3.5%
Overall effiency increase for thermal power plants
UP TO 2%
Overall effiency increase for renewables including hydro
For installation